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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Iron Sharpens Iron - Skull ring

Honeycomb Skull Ring Series - Collab with Excessive 21 x IBJC.

Are you ready to add some badassery to your look? Check out our handmade, "Iron Sharpens Iron", skull ring crafted using the ancient and mystical art of the lost wax process.

We start by carving the skull design out of wax, using our trusty tools to give it that perfect blend of scary and stylish. Then we work on adding details like the eyes, nose, and teeth. We also make extra parts to be soldered on the outside and inside of the ring. Once the wax model is complete, we make a mold using casting plaster, because who doesn't love a little plaster action?

Then, it's time to melt some scrap metal in our crucible and pour that hot molten metal into the mold like a boss. After letting it cool, we get to work filing down any excess metal, and sanding it smooth like a baby's butt. 

Because let's face it, who wants a rough and scratchy skull ring? Finally we polish that bad boy up until it shines brighter than a diamond in a disco ball. And if that wasn't enough, we add any final attachments and details with tools of the trade, because, well, we like to go the extra mile. 

The result is a ring that is guaranteed to make you feel like a total badass. Whether you're a rocker, biker, or just someone who loves to stand out, our handmade skull ring will give your look that extra edge that you've been searching for!