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Friday, April 14, 2023

Don't be a Simp

SNR was a man who cherished his skull ring. He wore it every day and never took it off. It was a symbol of his strength and confidence, a reminder that he could overcome any obstacle. One day, he stumbled upon a stray cat on the street. The cat was hungry and scared, with no one to care for it. SNR felt compassion for the cat and decided to take it home. They soon became best friends, a perfect pair. They explored the town together, SNR and his kitty. Their bond grew stronger with each adventure. But SNR knew that his happiness did not depend on the ring on his finger.

He had something more valuable: his faith in God. He trusted God’s plan for his life and faced every challenge with courage. One day, he witnessed a woman in distress on the street. She was being harassed by some thugs who wanted to rob her. SNR felt his heart ache for the woman, but he did not hesitate to help her. He rushed to her aid and fought off the attackers. He felt victorious as the woman thanked him profusely. “You are my hero,” she said. “Thank you so much.” But as he turned to leave, he felt a slight pain in his hand. He looked down and saw his ring was missing. The woman had stolen it while he was distracted. She ran away with it, laughing wickedly.

This is a lesson for everyone who hears this story: The little things in life can be a blessing or a curse. The cat, the ring, the faith, and the betrayal are all factors that can shape our destiny. And as SNR walked away with his kitty and no ring, he realized that his happiness was fragile. He wept and cursed, feeling betrayed and hurt. He knew that the little things could cause us so much pain. But he still had his faith in God, his trust in His plan, and his loyal cat. These were the things that truly mattered to him, and he found comfort in them.