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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Art Makes a Difference and GOD is in the Details

Modern men have lost their appreciation for great art, design and craftsmanship.  Now they can see only what they're told to see and understand only what they've been told to understand.  Lifestyles are increasingly driven and influenced by large corporations, mass marketing and consumerism.  Men no longer cherish GOD's gifts of creativity, uniqueness and individuality.  Keeping up with the Joneses, following mass entertainment and the "crowd" serve to make everyone duplicates or clones of each other.  Advertising and brands have replaced personal tastes and senses.  

Two paintings can be created, both using paint, brush and canvas.  Two cars can be made with the same materials.  Two pieces of furniture can be crafted and constructed using the same tree (not like Ikea particle board stuff).  But why do you like the one and dislike the other?  The answer is in the art (or style), design and craftsmanship.  If you're a dummy, you pick solely based on brand or what the guy next door owns. 

Men have been conditioned to consume mass produced junk, in the form of goods, entertainment, food and even sinister things like pornography.  It's sad but true.

Fortunately, the Biker Jewelry & Leather Blog is blessed to have a large and growing reader base.  We appreciate our readers because you enjoy craftsmanship and good art.  Thank you.

We want to take a moment and share with you a truly original project.  There's an artist with a unique blog called "The Urban Type Experiment".  This guy moved to Chicago in the summer of 2014 and was moved with compassion by the less fortunate ones, people asking for help on the streets. 

He combined his passion for art and typography, with his compassion for the homeless, and went out each week to meet and get-to-know someone down on their luck.  He would help each individual out by drawing for him, or her, a new typeface designed sign by hand.  The follow-ups and stories are all documented on the blog.  All of the individuals experienced improvements using the new signage.  Art does makes a difference and GOD is truly in the details.  GOD bless and have a great day!