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Friday, December 28, 2012

Jewelry with Messages

A simple band ring can hold immense meaning and sentimental value, often treasured more than its monetary worth. The message engraved on the ring can convey a personal statement, making it a significant piece of jewelry for the wearer. Such rings can also be great conversation starters, inviting others to learn more about the message behind the ring.

Many people mistakenly believe that jewelry is exclusively for women. However, history tells us that men have worn jewelry for centuries. Signet rings, for example, have been a staple for men throughout history, often bearing the family crest or other symbols of significance. Championship rings, too, are highly prized by professional athletes, and many men take pride in wearing them as a testament to their achievements.

In the past, warriors adorned their armor and weapons with precious metals and intricate engravings, while rulers of nations wore crowns made of gold and gemstones. Even priests wore highly crafted and gem-set gold breastplates. The examples of men wearing jewelry throughout history are numerous, and it is only in recent times that it has become somewhat stigmatized.

 (Carpe Diem and Memento Mori band rings from Quetzal Jewelry)

When a man reaches a certain level of success, it is common for him to purchase expensive items such as a luxury watch, a fancy car, or membership to a country club. However, upon his death, it is often the jewelry that becomes the subject of family squabbles. Instead of leaving behind a large bank account or real estate, why not pass on an heirloom with deep personal meaning, such as a ring or bracelet engraved with a favorite quote or Bible verse?

Wearing a jewelry piece with a message engraved on it is also a great way to exercise your Freedom of Speech. The message on your ring can convey your beliefs, values, or any other personal statement you wish to make. And if, at some point down the line, the message no longer holds the same meaning for you, it is easy to replace the ring with a new message. The same cannot be said for tattoos, which are permanent and often more difficult to change.

Men's jewelry is nothing new, and a simple band ring or pendant can hold great personal significance. Instead of leaving behind a large sum of money or property, consider passing on a piece of jewelry with a personal message engraved on it, to be treasured by future generations. And in wearing a ring with a message, you are expressing your personal beliefs and values.

Ring story recently makes headlines
An individual returns four rings, stolen from a house party, 15 years after the incident, along with an apology letter. The rings had sentimental value, including a wedding band and a diamond ring celebrating the birth of a child, as well as, a set of grandparents' wedding bands.  Below is a photo of the letter.