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Sunday, March 7, 2010

SoulFetish Paris

SOULFETISH PARIS - Fine Sterling Silver Jewelry Since 1999

If you ever find yourself on a relaxing stroll near the famous Place des Victoires, in Paris, don't miss the SoulFetish Paris store! The unique shops located on Place des Victoires and its surrounding upscale neighborhood are wonderful for finding some of the best leather goods, shoes and bags of Paris. This shopping area is also a good destination for those looking for popular brands such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Rick Owens, Kenzo and many more.

For the Rock and Roll jewelry lover's paradise, continue your walk along the trendy shopping street Rue Etienne-Marcel to see some of the most exquisite fine sterling silver jewelry at none other than SoulFetish Paris.

Packed from wall to wall, the boutique is lined with amazing jewelry and accessories, such as the sterling silver "Doris" bracelet, "Goth" lighter, and the famous SoulFetish statue (one sits in the home of actor, Johnny Depp).

The SoulFetish Collection is globally recognized for some of Rock and Roll's finest sterling silver bracelets, beaded necklaces, and skull rings. However, the Collection also offers a broad range of beautiful unisex rings, pendants, jewelry set with semi-precious stones, and some of the classiest onyx rings that you will ever set eyes on.

Vincent, the Marketing Director of SoulFetish Paris, put aside his professional career as a well-known photographer in France to join the SoulFetish (SF) Family. He took some time out from his busy schedule to do a brief interview with us:

Mr Skull N Roses: Describe your customer's experience when they visit SF Paris for the first time?

Vincent: They are most truly amazed by the quality and the fine details of the Collection. Also, our clients are wonderfully delighted by the small place that we have, which is very cozy, comfortable and classy. Many shoppers become so excited as they discover and witness astonishing silver jewelry that they have been looking for years, for the very first time.

Mr Skull N Roses: What type of customer frequents your store?

Vincent: All kinds of customers, from hardcore bikers to everyday businessmen! To name a few, we have young Rock and Roll kids, professional writers, singers, and actors from all over the world. Our recent clients include the CEO of one of the biggest restaurants in Paris; high profile, chic ladies in the fashion industry; clothing designers and, even, sailors from the South of France.

Mr Skull N Roses: What makes SF Paris stand out from other fine jewelry stores?

Vincent: The SF Collection is unique; it's rock, it's classy. And SF Paris is like that, and despite the small surface area of the store, you will feel at ease in this place. Here, it's like a “cocoon” for awesome jewelry. We give a lot of attention to our customers; we help them find the “right” silver wear for them, even offering customizations. Every piece is unique and meaningful to us…and it needs one unique customer to own it.

Mr Skull N Roses: Tell us about SoulFetish photography and your involvement in it?

Vincent: We started a portrait gallery in the vein of the famous French photography studio "HARCOURT". The idea is to picture different people wearing SoulFetish, and whether they are famous or not, we give them the old fashion classy look of famous entertainment people from the 1950's and 60’s. We want to show that everybody can wear SoulFetish, and everyone can rock it out, including the accountant; cook; actress; architect; or your next-door neighbor. We don't care what or who you are, be what you want. As our leitmotiv says, "Always Rocks!”

Mr Skull N Roses: We notice that you put out sexy photos of some SoulFetish clients. Are these actual clients?

Vincent: Yes, everyone we did portraits for are genuine SoulFetish customers (including the naked ones); we will only photograph real clients. These individuals enjoy wearing SoulFetish jewelry so much that they allow us the privilege to take their portraits. The beautiful girls in the sexy pictures are not paid models at all! It was their decision to be photographed wearing nothing but breathtaking SoulFetish jewelry.

Mr Skull N Roses: Anyone that you want to say “hello” or “thank you” to?

Vincent: Thanks to the Martino brothers for letting me join in this great adventure with them and for creating the most amazing jewelry pieces. Special thanks to my wife for her amazing support and help with opening Soulfetish Paris! And thank you, Mr Skull N Roses, for doing such a great and passionate job!