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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Talking Skull Ring - Flower Sun Rain

Before we proceed with our Annual Biker Jewelry and Leather eZine sale on unique leather wallets, Mr Skull N Roses would like to share with you a badass skull ring available from a company called Flower Sun Rain - located in Tokyo. The skull ring, aka "Talking Ring", features a large skull that is vertically situated with the shank, instead of the traditional horizontally placed skull.

There are two versions of the ring, one with a lower jaw attachment and the other without it. The ring can be made in either brass or silver, and you can also choose brass or silver stars for the top and sides of the skull. Also, the eyes can be customized with colored stones of your choice.

Mr SNR prefers the Talking Ring minus the "talking", which means without the lower jaw attachment. You see, the lower jaw is hinged open, so when you move your finger up and down (the digit that is next to the ring finger - jaw side), the jaw will close and open accordingly.

The moving jaw is the Talking Ring's most unique feature. However, the jaw attachment might become annoying after a long day's wear (by getting in the way of your fingers moving freely and comfortably), yet it is still a well crafted, unique and fantastic conversation piece. The moving jaw version is called the "Talking Ring" and the non attachment, or more comfortable version, is the "No Talking Ring". These unique, customizable rings can be purchased by contacting Skull N Roses.