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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Deal with Packages and Kilos

I deal with packages and kilos. I go by a street name and I deal at every level of the game. My trade is a billion dollar industry, from the extraction of materials from the soil, to manufacturing, distribution and sales in the global marketplace. My products are sourced, produced and sold in many countries, including Asia, the USA and Europe.

I have an underground lab with an interesting collection of weight scales, resealable plastic bags of various sizes, "specialized" equipment and unique products that are well recognized on the street. I keep a stash well hidden at all times. When my crew and I used to buy and sell in Los Angeles, it was not uncommon to sit on "chrome" and roll in two or more vehicles on a single trip. On many occasions, the goods being transported were very expensive, sparkly and popular with the ladies. There were thieves in the city that made a living just from robbing people like us. They would tail us from the airport or from local hot spots, sometimes stalking us for weeks at a time.

My operation sends out discreet packages all over the world. I supply to an international clientele and many are life long repeat customers. My prices are excellent and quality is exceptional; all of my goods are stamped with an exact purity content.

I pray everyday to LORD GOD for direction in my life, victory over mine enemies, and deliverance from the evil one. I have been an outcast of society from the day I was born. I live the "lifestyle"... Who am I?... I am a second generation dealer... of fine jewelry, also known as Mr Skull.

- In GOD mr snr Trust.