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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

High Fashion Jewelry: Will trade for baggy jeans

Mr SNR hates skinny jeans for men. What is this... 1985? What happened to a decent pair of loose or wide leg jeans? 

SNR on Baggy Jeans, Wide Leg Jeans, Loose Jeans
Mr SNR is testing the waters with a pair of Levi's 569, which are the loosest jeans available in the brand's collection. He had to find a pair via eBay, because authorized dealers of Levi's jeans in the USA are not allowed to ship internationally. It's probably because a pair in Taiwan is priced from USD $100 to $300! Mr SNR purchased a pair of 7 jeans in Taipei and it cost over USD $300! The 7 Jeans for All Mankind don't even fit right (roomy hip and thigh and a relaxed knee my ass)... especially tight around the hips and thighs... they really suck now big time. 

Stupid tight jeans trend... we thought we took a step forward with making baggy jeans acceptable and cool (in society, sports, mainstream) and now these dumb kids are taking three steps backwards by wearing clothes from the 1980s and sporting mullet hairstyles. They have no idea what the baggy jeans pioneers had to go through, in the early 1990s, for just putting on denim jeans that were loose and comfortable, while the establishment only allowed skin tight, butt huggers, that you could walk in a Louisiana flood and not get them wet - Let your jewels air out - Live free or die!