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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Logan Riese

Rock and Roll Custom Leather Works - L.A.
by Logan Riese

(LR featured in Robb Report Motorcycling)
Designer Logan Riese, from Laguna Beach, CA, started his craft in the midst of first generation of biker leather and silver pioneers. After much involvement and work in clothing and the silver jewelry business, he augmented his silver craft with new mediums, including leather and denim. Then Logan rented a space in a warehouse in Santa Monica, invested in World War II-era Pfaff sewing machines (the finest German-Made machines on the market) and began the process of making some of the finest leather jackets available in the market today.

Nowadays, it doesn't take a long list of celebrity clients for the "Logan Riese" label to be a standout among leather and silver brands, especially the Rock and Roll variety. Logan Riese accessories speak for themselves, but it doesn't hurt that popular music artists across the spectrum (from Rock n Roll to Country) are wearing his leather and jewelry. After all, what's Rock n Roll wear if singers and band members don't care to wear them?

Let us provide a short list of celebs and then get on with the good stuff, the actual merchandise. Logan's patrons include Bon Jovi; Lenny Kravitz; Alan Jackson; Trace Adkins; Shaquille O'Neal and many others. You've probably seen his leather works in various films, such as Terminator (with Christian Bale) and Starskey and Hutch, or in the luxury magazine, the Robb Report.

Every jacket starts out as just a simple sketch, but the finished product is a real work of art that demonstrates the high craftsmanship and dedication to this unique form of artistic expression. To ensure that each jacket is a one of a kind art piece, Logan collects the most exquisite, high quality leathers that can he can find and purchases them one bundle at a time.

Blue Leather Blazer Style Jacket (below):
Blue leather blazer style jacket with full lining and unique pointed cuffs. Silver leather trim snake vine and Cross motif with black stingray skin inlay on back and silver leather trim snake vine and skull motif with black stingray skin inlaid eyes on the left sleeve. Complete with black stingray skin elbow patch with a blue leather cross on the right sleeve, multiple blue leather pockets on both the front and sleeve and sterling silver hardware.

Black Leather Bomber Style Jacket (below):
Black leather bomber style jacket with full lining and sterling silver zipper cuffs. Black leather skull motif on back and gold leather trim patches on both sleeves. Complete with multiple black leather pockets on both the front and sleeve, a black belted back, and 14 karat gold hardware.

The Logan Riese collection is full of intricate and striking art pieces that aren't limited to leather jackets. His boutique showcases many highly desirable items such as black alligator skin Converse sneakers; dark blue leather guitars; overnight bags; handbags; custom motorcycle seats; boots and jeans.

Let's not forget about the jewelry collection, too, which has classy pieces for almost any biker jewelry connoisseur. Logan Riese artwork can be found in exclusive boutiques in Los Angeles, New York, London and Japan. For more information, please visit the official website for Logan Riese.

above: Los Angeles designer Logan Riese
photo credits belong to Logan Riese LLC