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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Niche Luxury Jewelry

For many decades, before the invention of the World Wide Web, real luxury fashion brands were run by small families that made beautiful, high quality merchandise using the finest materials. Back then, luxury business was a niche business for an even more niche clientele. A well known example is the famous French fashion house known as Hermรจs, which is now partly owned by LVMH. In 1837, Thierry Hermรจs established Hermรจs as a harness workshop, in Paris, catering to European noblemen. He created fine harnesses and bridles for the carriage trade and later offered saddlery.

Mr Skull N Roses is a jewelry consultant that works with small studios and workshops for fine silver jewelry. Mr SNR is blessed and gives thanks to Almighty GOD for being able to reach out to numerous clients that understand luxury silver jewelry. This industry still remains a niche market, with the exception of, maybe, Japan.

Unfortunately, many luxury jewelry seekers in this world have allowed themselves to be misled and their understanding of luxury jewelry is turned upside down. They cannot differentiate real luxury from disneyland and mickey mouse stuff, so to speak.

Around the late 1980's, venture capitalists and big business monopolies began buying up the small luxury companies and turning them into multi-billion dollar global fashion brands. Now you ask, how do they make any profit when they spend tens of millions on executive salaries, ongoing marketing campaigns, celebrity endorsements and advertising? The answer is simple; lower the costs of labor and materials on their goods (replacing leather with pvc; using various plastics instead of metals; painting plastics to look like metals, etc). The world systems are a grand illusion and so is this world of global "luxury". BJL Ezine is happy to be part of niche luxury (silver jewelry) before the brand name cartels take over this market, too.

Mr Skull N Roses - Mark 15:22