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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Comfortable Chunky Bracelets

Question from a BJL Ezine viewer:
I prefer big and chunky bracelets. However, my job involves time on a computer, writing and drawing throughout the day. The two "oversized" bracelets that I own are snug and get in the way sometimes. What kind of big silver bracelets do you recommend for comfortable wear during work hours?

Mr SNR response:

It's all in the fit, design, and weight of the bracelet for comfortable wear all day long. Choose a bracelet with "flatter" links (i.e. curb link, double curb link) and/or a clasp system that is on top, instead of the bottom of the bracelet. Or wear a t-bar clasp bracelet with the t-bar sitting on top of your wrist or hanging to the side of it. For thick bracelets, such as an all skull link bracelet, wear it a little bigger (so that it can roll a bit backwards towards your forearm). The heaviness of the bracelet depends on the person and the amount of weight that they are comfortable wearing around their wrists. Also, leather bracelets and wide, yet flat, bracelets can work out well, too.

With some jobs, it is not convenient or even safe to wear jewelry on your fingers and wrists. In such cases, only days off and evenings out can be good occasions. Also, silver and gold will always feel better on your wrists than steel. Below are some different bracelet styles and clasp systems from various artists. Hope you find the right bracelet for you!

(above: silver crown leather cuff - Van Amburg Leathers)
(double curb link style - Harley-Davidson by TM)
(above: phantom id bracelet - Stanley Guess)
(above: flatipillar bracelet - Room 101)
(above: u-joint t-bar bracelet - BWL)
(above: star bracelet - OZ Abstract)
(trigger snap clip - Chrome Hearts)
(side button clasp onyx bead bracelet - SoulFetish)