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Monday, July 26, 2010

Selling Silver Only

Mr Skull N Roses Sells Silver Only!
- .925 silver -
Ten years ago, Mr Skull N Roses sold platinum, gold and diamond jewelry. Now he only sells silver jewelry with outstanding designs and craftsmanship online and in his boutique. On this blog, he takes the time to introduces his favorite jewelry and designers to a vast audience of silver fans worldwide.

You may ask why Mr Skull N Roses made the switch selling silver jewelry? Are we talking about better profit margins here? For a retailer, the answer is heck no! We pay top price for designer jewelry versus non-brand jewelry and that goes for all kinds of designer merchandise.

Why no diamond jewelry? In all honesty, diamonds are played out (of course, you gals will beg to differ) and conflict diamonds are real and not fictional. Diamonds are also cheap! They are abundant and we have never heard of a diamond shortage occur in this world, even though diamond engagements rings are purchased everyday, all year round. Unfortunately for guys, rarely does a woman complain about her man's "two months salary" going into the purchase of her diamond ring.

"...Diamonds are a girl's best friend. A kiss may be grand; But it won't pay the rental; On your humble flat; Or help you at the automat. Men grow cold; As girls grow old; And we all lose our charms in the end" - Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1949).

(also, the Mexican drug cartel's best friend)

Expensive Rocks x Plastic Handbags x Cartel
Diamonds were rare before the late 19th century, until the discovery of large diamond mines in South Africa. The story that goes on from here is huge! Do your own research and try searching "diamond cartel" on the Net. Presently, China is perhaps the only country where diamond consumption has gone up in this global recessionary environment. Diamond import volume to the USA and Japan has dropped significantly during the same period.

Notice the "De Beers" retail stores in your luxury shopping areas? These retail outlets are the product of a De Beers x Louis Vuitton joint venture. Hmm... the expensive rocks and plastic handbags combination. How else do they pay for the expensive advertising? The $10 million that LVMH paid Madonna for an ad campaign is what you are paying for when you purchase a $1,000 plastic handbag that is worth $25 - 40 max.

Why not gold? Have you noticed how high the prices have climbed in recent years? Do you honestly think that you are getting your worth in gold for that $1,000 gold ring that you purchased? Is the design unique and beautiful? Or do hundreds of thousands of people have the exact same ring as yours? Do you wear it because gold is valuable? If so, you should invest in gold bars, keep your gold jewelry as heirlooms and store them in a safe, instead of wearing all of your wealth around your neck.

Most of the gold ever yielded by this earth presently sits in the form of jewelry, coins, and gold bars. Some of it has been lost as sunken treasures from old shipwrecks. In the case of silver, most of it that is unearthed perishes from industrial use, so it has become as much a true commodity, or industrial, metal as a monetary metal.

There are many Benefits of Silver Jewelry and we will continue the subject in the next post.

Interesting fact

The largest cut diamonds in the world are 200 - 545 carats.