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Sunday, May 23, 2010

SoulFetish Taipei Taiwan


The Silver Cave sells worldwide (excluding Japan, France and Greece for SoulFetish). Please email us for online orders and best shipping rates! Over the years, we have sold jewelry, leather and accessories for many international brands, including Gaboratory, Van Amburg Leathers, Harley-Davidson by TM, as well as Japanese silver brands.
SOULFETISH - "ALWAYS ROCKS!" SoulFetish takes the SILVER luxury lifestyle to another level with fine jewelry and accessories inspired by Gothic; Rock n Roll; surfer; street and biker cultures. SoulFetish is a luxury brand label specialized in producing jewelry, lifestyle and fashion accessories, dรฉcor and apparel. The brand was started in 1999 by French designer, Thierry Martino, in Paris, France. The SoulFetish Jewelry collection draws inspiration from the surfer and biker cultures that have formed Martino's personal aesthetic and sense of style, creating intriguing, wearable sculptures with bold and intricate designs. Martino tempers the collection by engaging elements from Gothic architecture; medieval European secret societies; Harley-Davidson®; Californian choppers; fantasy comics; martial arts; rhythmic African beats and tattoo culture.

The SoulFetish Gothic chic combination has proven successful around the globe. With headquarters based in Europe and Asia, SoulFetish has jumped into top fashion conscious markets, in some of the most fashion forward boutiques, in France; Italy; United Kingdom; Russia and Greece. SoulFetish has gained attention and popularity in jewelry stores across Asia, including Taiwan, Thailand, China and Japan.

Thierry Martino's love for jewelry craftsmanship began with his time in France, having first spent five years (from 1990 to 1995) with renowned jewelry label, Reminiscence. After leaving the company, Martino began to develop his own concepts and launched two jewelry boutiques of his own. To enrich his artistic scope and gain new inspiration for his jewelry, he travelled all over Europe to absorb all things related to jewelry design.

In 1994, Thierry Martino formalized his learning at France's "Ecole nationale de bijouterie" in Saumur, where he officially won recognition for his skills as a sterling silver master craftsman. Armed with the determination to forge a strong business, a firm dedication to a life of craftsmanship and a passion to see the world, Martino headed to the shores of Asia, where he met his soulmate, Angkhanang. Utilizing her invaluable experience in costume design for an established television production house, Angkhanang inspired the designs and the development of the SoulFetish women's jewelry collection. She continues to give SoulFetish jewelry a feminine edge that has attracted an international female fan base. Together, Thierry Martino and Angkhanang form a dynamic duo who share the same love for music, art and fashion.

Their visions become reality through a meticulous process of hand-crafted production that takes place in the Martino family-owned factory. Housing over 40 dedicated artisans, from wax makers; master makers; mould makers; stone setters to polishers, 94% silver and semi-precious stones are cultivated from raw to rare. At the end of the day, the quality and outcome of every single piece must meet Martino's SoulFetish quality standards. He maintains close inspection over the entire artistic and metallurgical process and chooses all materials with care, using the finest possible. For example, when other brands are using 92.5% silver and 7.5% rough copper, SoulFetish silver is first refined and mixed as follows: 94% of pure silver and 6% of a special anti-tarnish alloy made in Italy. It is always the cleanest and at its most pure state to start, optimizing the brilliance of each finished piece and minimizing poracity.