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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Langlitz Leathers


Ross Langlitz grew up in McMinville, Oregon, and at the tender age of 17, lost his right leg in a severe motorcycle accident that doctors predicted would end his riding career. The first thing Ross did when he returned home was to get on his bike and ride it to the hospital! He liked to do what others said he couldn't.

In 1947, Ross officially founded Langlitz Leathers in Portland, after building jackets in his basement for a couple of years. Seven years later, in 1954, Marlon Brando brought more attention to the leather motorcycle jacket in "The Wild One."

Like many bikers in his time, Langlitz wore what was available, which was normally a variation on the aviator jacket. However, bikers, who ride leaning forward, were left with wind whistling through their jackets, especially through knit cuffs and up the back.

(Padded Timberline w/Front Zipper)

So, Langlitz designed cuffs with zippers and made the sleeves and back longer to provide better reach for the biker. Ross also designed a weather-resistant diagonal front zipper to replace the traditional straight front zipper.

He chose leathers that were heavy enough to protect riders' shoulders and elbows, if they should ever fall during a ride. The "Columbia" (some examples below) revolutionized the motorcycle jacket market.

(from top: Padded Pocket Columbia w/Padded Black; Columbia w/Cossack Collar)

From bikers to police officers (Langlitz outfits officers in 40 police departments throughout Washington, Oregon and Nevada) and celebrities, customers place orders knowing they may have to wait up to nine months for delivery. Visit Langlitz Leathers or Langlitz Japan.