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Monday, April 20, 2009

Oortsilver - Nao Umemoto

Oortsilver Biker Skull Rings - .925 Full Skull and Half Skull
One of our top picks of designers to watch out for in 2009 is Nao Umemoto, artist/designer of Oortsilver. We spoke with Nao about his collection and the meaning behind the brand's name. The word "Oort" comes from Oort cloud, a spherical cloud of comets located nearly a light year from the Sun. The outer extent of the Oort cloud defines the gravitational boundary of our solar system. To sum things up, Oortsilver's designs are unique, cosmic, and constantly pushing the boundaries of conventional rocker silver.

From the time Nao was first exposed to the tales of famous silver jewelry-makers such as Gabor and Chrome Hearts, he developed a deep desire to create fantastic wearable silver art. He creates gender neutral pieces that are handcrafted and enjoys chunky, textured, oxidized silver pieces that can be worn all day, everyday. He produces the entire product from design to polish in his workshop in Brisbane.

Originally from Osaka, Nao is a craftsman who now resides in Brisbane, Australia. He favors lost wax casting to produce solid silver sculptural forms, and his Rock 'n' Roll design collection has built a loyal following amongst fans, biker peers and close friends.

Oortsilver is now available at select rebel luxury retailers in Japan. Nao adds, "my classic designs are so durable and timeless, it will probably out live you..." Oortsilver - top pick by Skull N Roses - 2009.