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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Imperial Rose Collections


Imperial Rose Collections, or IRC, bringing you silver with "soul", is carving its own way into rocker jewelry history, or Biker Jewelry 101. IRC's members include artists, writers, producers and actors who have come together to help "celebrate humanity" through silver works design. 

We are certain that our blog readers, especially the silver aficionados and pros, want to know a little more about the craftsmen behind IRC. David Tadman and Tigran Sarkisyan are the backbone behind this edgy, Rock 'n' Roll jewelry company. Artist David Tadman (thanks, Dave, for the rockin' pictures!) prefers to remain mysterious, but some of you are already familiar with Tigran's work. He was the main artist at SKKIN jewelry (a Los Angeles-based jewelry company established by designer Jebron Jouni) and produced most of their best-known designs.

Tigran breathes movement, drama and excitement into silver works and brings IRC jewelry to life. He once made a necklace for actress Elizabeth Taylor, which became a part of movie history when it was featured in the popular film, "Cleopatra". Tigran is also well-known for making a medallion set for Russian Patriarch Alexei II. In 2001, Tigran created a monumental sculpture dedicated to the 1700th Anniversary of Armenian Christianity entitled, St. Gregory the Illuminator-301. Today, many Armenians, Americans, and Japanese are wearing Tigran’s jewelry.

Well-known celebs who wear IRC include: Eddie Van Halen; Johnny Depp; Brad Pitt; Blasko; Mia Tyler; Steve Vai; Brett Ratner; Jackie Chan; Sammo Hung; Lee Arenberg; and Chris Tucker.

(bass guitar player Blasko)

Imperial Rose Collections offers handcrafted, Rock 'n' Roll and gothic-inspired jewelry, from cufflinks, belts and buckles, lighters, cologne atomizer flasks to sterling silver fingertip rings. IRC's popular sterling silver cigar rings were even featured in the Robb Report.

(actor Sammo Hung)